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"I work online, how can I do it legally?"

Most of us working on the Internet do so without thinking about the legal side of it.

Finding the information you need is hard. Finding the correct ones is harder. Finding them online is near impossible.

But avoiding the problem is not a solution. You may get your way working illegally for a few years, but things can go wrong at any moment.

Living illegally, without health insurance, a retirement plan, or anything else is... scary.

Let's press pause on that horror story for a moment and consider the alternative...

If you knew exactly what you should do, you could simply do it, right?

You could stop worrying about getting sick, because you'll have health insurance.

You could stop wondering about retirement, because you'll have that covered.

You could stop cringing, "But I'm not an accountant..." because you'll know exactly how everything works.

You could sleep at night, because you're doing everything legally.

You might even benefit from the legal system to reduce your taxes win other things in the process: SWEEET!

Learn what it takes to work legally online from Morocco, from the comfort of wherever you are

When you get the Make it legal ebook, you'll:

The process and information you'll learn in the Make it legal ebook have been developed over years of trial and error and helping other people do the same at the blog.

Ahmed is a very nice and knowledgeable guy, he answered all my questions and helped me set up my entity. If you are working remotely and you need help on creating a legal structure, taxes, etc. Ahmed is your guy.

Rachid Laasri

You could start within a day...

The Make it legal ebook is packed with actionable data and direct to the point advice.

Less buzz words. Less talk. Only what you need to make your online work legal from Morocco.

You can read the ebook, do some exercises, and be ready to roll within a day.

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