You work online from Morocco,
but you are not sure if it's legal.

You are a freelancer, contractor, or remote workers. You work online and get paid for your work, but you're not sure what's the legal way of doing it. You are not alone.

You are not sure if your work is legal

You are working in Upwork, Fiverr, or with your clients, and paid directly to your personal account or Wise/PayPal. Is that normal? Is it legal?

You aren't always sure if it's legal, but you don't know where to start. Should you create a company? An auto-entrepreneur? Or keep doing things this way?

But even if you want to pay taxes, how much taxes? Aren't they going to eat all your profits? What taxes should you pay in the first place?

What if you can...

  • Make your work legal in Morocco and forget about obscure laws.
  • Have all the information you need so you can decide what makes sense to you and your specific use-case.
  • Know how much taxes you'll pay, before paying .
  • Know how you can benefit from the legal system and reduce your taxes .
  • Get help with real examples and real numbers .
  • Get an Excel sheet to calculate your taxes at any moment.
  • Get help with audio files in Moroccan darija .

Yes, all of that is possible

All the questions above answered in one eBook
Audio files
To make things even easier, Moroccan Darija audio files to help you understand the concepts
Excel sheet
Run as many scenarios as you want, and discover what works for you

What other freelancers and remote workers say about the ebook:

As a remote employee, I had to deal with creating my own company, and understanding how much taxes I would have to pay.
During this process, my go-to person was Ahmed, he was nice enough to answer my questions, and to share his knowledge on the subject.
Ahmed is a very nice and knowledgeable guy, he answered all my questions and helped me set up my entity. If you are working remotely and you need help on creating a legal structure, taxes, etc. Ahmed is your guy.
I was following Ahmed for a while and always enjoyed reading his articles about remote work, and i would see that his last book is your best resource to know all the legal options you need know to work remotely from Morocco.
Strict to the point with great explanation and real numbers, a must-read for everyone working or planning to work remotely with international companies from Morocco.

One eBook, for everything.

All you need to know about working online from Morocco, in one eBook.
35 pages of content
75 min of audio
Excel sheet for taxes
lifetime updates
.epub and .mobi format
Ongoing support


Choose what's right for you from these offers:
For curious minds
$ 29
Updates forever
eBook in PDF
Free .epub and .mobi formats
For calculations
$ 45
Updates forever
eBook in PDF
Free .epub and .mobi formats
Invoice template
Excel sheet
The best value
$ 49
Updates forever
eBook in PDF
Free .epub and .mobi formats
Invoice template
Excel sheet
Audio files in Moroccan Darija
Looking for the Excel sheet only? Get it here (14$)

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