Turn your online work legal in Morocco

I’ll help you understand your options and make your income legal in Morocco with my ebook.

Ahmed provides the bible for Moroccan professionals who want to export their services legally, including all aspects of accounting, taxes, etc. Simple read, straight to the point, instantly applicable. What a time saver!

Yahya Badraoui
Business Consultant

Do you work online on Upwork, Fiverr, or directly with clients?

Do you get paid to your personal account, or use something like Payoneer, Wise or PayPal?

Are you looking for a way to make your work legal and avoid any trouble?

Have you heard of auto-entrepreneur but you are unsure if it fits your case, or what would happen if you go beyond the limits?

Do you want to pay taxes, but not sure how much?

Then this ebook is for you!

Based on my real experience working remotely from Morocco, and helping countless freelancers, I created this ebook in an easy-to-follow format so you can get what you want, quickly!

Where should I start?

“I want to turn my work legal, but I don’t know where to start!”

“I heard about the auto-entrepreneur status, but I work with international clients.”

“I’m way over the 200k MAD limit of the auto-entrepreneur status, what should I do?”

Guess what? I’ll answer all these questions and go beyond.

Creating a company? Isn’t that complicated?

Well, it is. But I’ll make it easier for you.

I’ll help you answer questions like:

That sounds like too many taxes! I don’t want to pay half my income in taxes!

Yeah, no one wants!

That’s why I’ll give you an Excel spreadsheet you can use to run unlimited simulations and get an idea about your taxes before even starting!

But simulations are only half the answer. I’ll also show you how to reduce your taxes legally by understanding how specific laws work in real life.

You said laws, but laws keep changing!

Yeah, it’s a pain. And they change at least every year!

But do not worry!

Every time there is a new law, I will update the content and send it to you. This means when you buy the ebook (and other content), you’ll get all future updates for free.

Imagine paying for something once, and getting repeated benefits! Isn’t that awesome!

Yes, this is the best investment you can make.

If only it wasn’t in English!

“Laws and taxes are complicated enough, so why English?”

Yeah, you got a point! I know English isn’t our first language, but it’s really hard to write something in our native language (darija).

Instead, what about audio files in Moroccan native language (darija)? You’ll get that too!

All the ebook content is narated in darija so you can get the most out of it!

See what others are saying about the ebook:

The make it legal book was really helpful in having all the information about remote work in one place in an easy to digest format, and the audio recordings made it even more accessible, thank you Ahmed for taking the time to create it.

Abdelghafour Elkaaba

Just yesterday I was lost and confused about working remotely with companies outside the country. Today, thanks to @elazzabi_ and his e-book, I’m now more confident than ever!

Software Engineer

I’ve been working remotely for over 3 years. Ahmed is the guy that I asked when I need any legal stuff about remote working. I love the e-book and especially the spreadsheet and it’ll save you a lot of time and answer your legal questions

Ilias Haddad
Shopify Freelancer

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About the author

Ahmed is a software engineer working remotely since 2018. He helped many Moroccans turn their work legal and get a remote job from Morocco.