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The make it legal book was really helpful in having all the information about remote work in one place in an easy to digest format, and the audio recordings made it even more accessible, thank you Ahmed for taking the time to create it.

Abdelghafour Elkaaba

Just yesterday I was lost and confused about working remotely with companies outside the country. Today, thanks to @elazzabi_ and his e-book, I’m now more confident than ever!

Software Engineer

I’ve been working remotely for over 3 years. Ahmed is the guy that I asked when I need any legal stuff about remote working. I love the e-book and especially the spreadsheet and it’ll save you a lot of time and answer your legal questions

Ilias Haddad
Shopify Freelancer

As a remote employee, I had to deal with creating my own company, and understanding how much taxes I would have to pay.

During this process, my go-to person was Ahmed, he was nice enough to answer my questions, and to share his knowledge on the subject.

Hicham Boushaba
Software Engineer

Ahmed is a very nice and knowledgeable guy, he answered all my questions and helped me set up my entity. If you are working remotely and you need help on creating a legal structure, taxes, etc. Ahmed is your guy.

Rachid Laasri
Laravel Software Engineer

I was following Ahmed for a while and always enjoyed reading his articles about remote work, and i would see that his last book is your best resource to know all the legal options you need know to work remotely from Morocco.

Strict to the point with great explanation and real numbers, a must-read for everyone working or planning to work remotely with international companies from Morocco.

Youssouf El Azizi
Mobile Engineer

Ahmed provides the bible for Moroccan professionals who want to export their services legally, including all aspects of accounting, taxes, etc. Simple read, straight to the point, instantly applicable. What a time saver!

Yahya Badraoui
Business Consultant

I’m a senior .NET developer who got my first fully remote job. Your website has great content and helped me understand a lot of things. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

.NET Developer

Thank you for drafting this guide. It is good value for money and I have spent more on legal/accounting consultations a couple of years ago to get less than this information.

Software Engineer

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the invaluable insights your book “Make It Legal” has provided.

It has significantly contributed to my understanding and empowerment as I begin a new journey working remotely for a U.S.-based company, all from the comfort of my home in Morocco.

Software Engineer

I purchased your book it’s worth every penny. You are a master.

Content Writer

I would like to express my gratitude for sharing this e-book and audios with us. It contains valuable information and is easy to understand, which has helped me to grasp several concepts.

Software Engineer

I want to thank you for this book, it’s been a great source of information and saves a lot of time digging around in painfully outdated government websites.

Software Engineer

I received my order and I read the ebook already. I learned a lot of new things and also managed to better understand taxes. thank you for your effort.

Software Engineer

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for your exceptional book, Make it Legal. The content and insights within the book have truly resonated with me, and I wanted to take a moment to extend my gratitude for your valuable work

IT Engineer