Personalized Consulting

When you have a special case, or when our ebook is not enough to answer your questions, you can request a consulting session.

Your session, your rules.

I’m here to answer any questions you might have. There is no easy/stupid question.

I’ll make sure to answer all of your questions to the best I can. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll take note and follow up with an email afterward.

These sessions are made via Zoom/Meet with English or Moroccan Darija. You choose what works for you.

My pledge to confidentiality.

I take confidentiality seriously, and any details shared by you are private by default.

Feel free to share contract details, salary/numbers, or anything you’re comfortable sharing. These sessions are not recorded.

Any notes taken during these sessions are destroyed right after. Unless there was a subsequent session in the near future. In that case, they are stored securely.

All sessions are done personally by me, Ahmed.

I’ve been working legally online since 2018 and teaching hundreds of others to do the same from Morocco.

I’ll be more than happy to help you kickstart your journey.

Book a session

The session price is $199/h.

Only $149/h if you got the Everything pack of our e-book. Applicable for the first hour only.

After receiving your booking, I’ll send you the available slots for the date you selected and the bank details for the payment.